Oxford shirt has a dedicated microfiber patch to wipe your gizmos clean

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s so instinctive to get that annoying stain on your cool smart-device cleaned off with the help of your shirt’s hem. Why not? It’s just there and it’s mostly cotton so smudges are rare. However, what can make a difference is something specially made near the seam of your clothing that has been specially developed for cleaning devices. Behold the Oxford Shirt from VoyVoy that is pre-stitched into the front of your shirt that simply flicks out and can be used to clean your device conveniently. It is made up of a patch of microsuede sewn on the inside of the shirt. It’s a good habit to spoil yourself and your gizmos with only the best. Why miss out on this one chance?


[Via – Ohgizmo]