Osram and Held unveils luminous motorbike clothing for enhanced safety on the road

by dhiram

Luminous Osram with motorbike clothing manufacturer Held has developed an effective solution especially for motorbike clothing – jackets with integrated lighting. A range of models in Held’s current collection can be retrofitted with LED light modules from Osram. This move allows greater visibility and enhanced safety for motorcyclists during the night hours and in foggy and similar conditions. Unlike reflector strips, which can only reflect light that shines on them, the optic fib es in HLS emits their own light constantly – a highlight in the literal sense of the word.

The illuminated LED modules that are integrated into a motorcyclist’s protective clothing improve rider visibility significantly in poor light. The HLS technology makes a key contribution to accident prevention when traveling at night or in foggy and rainy conditions. The Osram LED set is inserted via the open zip in the rear compartment of the jacket or vest. Then the ends of the white optic fib e are fed in through each opening in the chest area of the garment from the inside and passed through the entire length of the mesh tube.

The red optic fire is threaded into the back of the jacket or vest in the same way. Once all four LED modules are in the correct positions, the USB cable is passed through the cable feedthrough in the jacket or vest. The system is now ready to use and can be switched on at any point by connecting it to the battery pack, or switched off y disconnecting it. The Osram light modules offer up to seven hours of active lighting in continuous operation (with a 4,000 mAh battery) with the LED light modules emitting white light at the front and red light at the back.

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