Oreo 3D prints custom colored and flavored cookies for Twitter users!

by Gavril Mankoo

If you’ve been under the impression that 3D printing technology is limited to the creation of bobble head toys and iPhone cases, find a mirror close to you, look into it and scream angrily at yourself for thinking so! 3D printing is now being considered as one of the best technological developments of the decade, and for good reason. Oreo recently used the technology to print out cookies in a bunch of flavors, all of which were dished out to attendees at the SXSW. For this, Oreo used a “Trending Vending Machine” that relies on social media to determine which flavors and color combinations to print!

The machine was created by technology design firm and innovation lab MAYA Design and users simply need to select their cookie configuration from a touchscreen panel. Once a user has centered on a flavor and color combination of choice, all he/she needs to do is wait for the Trending Vending Machine to print out the customized cookie, pick it up and relish it! We love the fact that technology, social media and cookies have all been mashed up together to produce a pretty fascinating concept. Now, all we need is a machine that can 3D print burgers and we’re hanging up our socks and living life like it’s meant to be!

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