Orbotix’s Sphero Ball Was Caught In Action at CES

by ruchi

Tech Giants like Sony and Microsoft took the experience of playing video games to a celestial heights. Orbotix thought of doing something similar to a simple ball too. Sphero, the smartphone controlled robotic ball made quite an impression at CES this year.

The ball can be operated using an iOS or Android device with a Bluetooth connectivity. Usually physical joysticks are the control mojos for RC toys, but here we have touch screens. You’ll have to go over its navigation curves a bit more than once to get a hang of it. Presence of Bluetooth means that several Spheros can be controlled at one and the same time. Their makers used this capability for the product demo at CES. They even have embedded LED lights. So if you think you’ll get puzzled amongst many of these on the field, you can assign different colors to each of them with the help of its controlling app.
The debut at CES does tell us that it’s not going to be light-years for this product to hit the retail shelves. You can expect the pricing to be steep here owing to the premium that comes with every offbeat product.