Oral-B’s Genius smart-brush knows if your oral hygiene is naught or nice

by Gareth Mankoo

Everything’s getting smart these days. When it comes to brushes, it couldn’t get smarter than the all new Oral-B Genius that connects to your mobile phone and helps you monitor your oral hygiene. It leverages your phone’s camera and motion tracking technology to gauge and report on your condition. A number of features help measure the pressure so that you’re not putting too much pressure that is damaging or too less pressure that is fruitless. The brush can go on and adjust its speed to help you brush well. The accompanying app will smartly update you about whether you have reached every nook and cranny of your mouth. There’s a timer in place as well so as to ensure that your teeth are brushed long enough to make the activity truly beneficial for you.

The Mobile World Congress 2016 played host to the Oral-B Genius toothbrush. “Oral-B GENIUS sets a new standard in the industry, and will forever change how people approach brushing their teeth. It is the next big thing after the introduction of the electric brush overall as it helps eliminate the wrong behaviors in brushing,” said Stephen Squire, Global Marketing Director, Procter and Gamble. “We made a commitment to digitally connected brushing two years ago and to date we have received almost a million downloads of the Oral-B App. We have built upon that solid foundation to reinforce our position as the world’s leader in oral care technology with the evolution of our intelligent brushing system – the Oral-B GENIUS.”

[ Via : Slashgear ]

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