Optimus Maximus: Great Letdown (Official images)

by Dhiram Shah

Optimus are really playing the tricky, miserly parent here by teasing and jeering its ardent fans and treating us like babies craving for more. It’s sad, very sad. The object of our desires was a nice working OLED keyboard. Now all the company has to show for its promises is the same 103 we once knew. And to pacify our cravings, these folks have conveniently labeled it as Maximus, same thing, different name. And in addition to this there’s also a new improved price tag. Optimus will have a transparent key-cap on top of it that slides around it rather than a moving OLED display. Well, ill still lie in wait for the ultimate keyboard to make it out, as the company says that its not ready yet.
(More Renderings / Images after the jump)

The Optimus Maximus cannot squeeze the desire out of you, but can surely empty your wallet by ridding you off $1490 when it goes on sale (hopefully) on December 2007.

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