Light Lead analogue optical guitar cables make rockers smile like happy infants

by Gavril Mankoo

There is no denying the fact that most guitar-players these days look for crystal clear sounds from their instruments, though many of them are left disappointed due to a lack of equipment and technology. Well, things are about to change as guitarists can now ditch their traditional guitar cables and hook up their axes to poweramps with these, optical analogue guitar cables instead! Developed by Light Lead, these cables are the first of their type and are capable of zero capacitance and zero loading! Simply put, these guitar cables, when compared to those available currently, enable better sound quality, precision and bigger smiles!

The Light Lead guitar jack cables are PVC coated and are resistant to crushing and impact. This gives them a better life. That apart, the Light Lead cables also brag full electro-magnetic immunity, keeping distortion and external sound interference at bay. No longer do guitarists need to bow down to the woes of motion noise, static and interference. No longer do band members need to look on helplessly as guitarists try to silence their axes after every song. No longer does the audience need to scream with agony every time an involuntary pinch harmonic rises above desired volumes. Let’s all pay our respects to the savior of rock and roll, heavy metal and grunge, the Light Lead optical analogue guitar cable!

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