OppiKoppi Beer Drone delivers beer when you’re too sloshed to slur

by Gareth Mankoo

When you want beer, you must have beer. The OppiKoppi Beer Drone is something that can add substance to that philosophy (or should we call it a charade?). It’s an interesting video uploaded, illustrating what the drone actually looks like and how it functions. There’s innovation in its nerve, no doubt, but having a phone command a animated bot to fly to your convenience store and fetch you some refuelling and rejuvenating beverage is always worth a call. Currently, the drone has to be guided manually, but as time flies by it will follow a GPS grid, stalking and hovering over all your favorite alcohol dens.

The video has been created by the dudes at Darkwing Aerials. It’s going viral at the speed of wildfire. So, why not head to your garage and see what you can pull out from under the rubble?

[Via – Suasnews]

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