Onkyo MHP-UW2 Bluetooth headphones for the iPod

by mohsin

If headphones wires bother you while you listen to your favorite music, Onkyo has a new pair of headphones that may just be of your fancy. The Onkyo MHP-UW2 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that comes with an emitter, which attaches to the iPod/iPhone. It attaches to the iPod to broadcast music for up to 8 hours before the battery gives up; it operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. It may seem like the right solution to get rid of wiring blues but the bulky emitter almost doubles the footprint of the iPod touch, not to mention the possibility of getting your player scratched if both the devices are left in a pocket.

The Onkyo MHP-UW2 releases in November 14 for around $US200. If only Apple gets their act together and integrate Bluetooth into the iPod, such products will fly off the shelves.

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