Onkyo introduce X-UI Micro Hi-Fi System

by Gareth Mankoo

Onkyo have brought forth another sleek and sexy offering of theirs. This one’s called the X-UI Micro Hi-Fi System. It packs a CD player that’s in-built, an FM tuner, two 15W speakers and USB connectivity. The system does well to connect with the main line Apple portables such as the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. There’s a dedicated cradle for these as well as remote control so that you can control and navigate through your music when you’re on the move, indoors. The best part is that it extends support to MP3 playback as well.

The Onkyo X-UI Micro Hi-Fi System is available in Japan for 35,000 Yen (under $437). As I said before, looks wise, this one totally rocks.