Onkyo X-U1X: Integrated CD player with an iPhone/iPod dock

by sam

Leave it to the Japanese to fit the world in a tiny little box! And one day, they might literally pull that off too, but till then, they continue to pull out some pretty deft and multitasking gadgets, which are a delight to have. Onkyo are all set to unveil their X-U1X integrated CD player, that does a whole lot more than just play out your favorite tracks from your dusty old CDs. Set to hit store shelves sometime this September, the X-U1X carries a couple of speakers along with the central unit that will play all your CDs, can tune in to your favorite FM channels and even play your playlist from your smartphone and tablets.

In improvement over the X-U1 launched by Onkyo this May, its successor carries the same audio goodness but ups the ante with the addition of the Bluetooth feature. Now you can hook up wirelessly with the unit to dole out all the tunes that you need. The 2 15W speakers provide fine sound quality, while the iPod/iPhone dock will stream music while charging up your gadget.

The USB slot at the front allows you to hook it up with a wide variety of gadgets and the design of the speakers eliminates both noise and unwanted vibrations. Available in both black and white, these will set you back by 35,000 yen, which is around $450 for those on this side of the Pacific.