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Omron’s Electric toothbrush with acceleration sensor

by anoop

Omron Healthcare has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first electric toothbrush with a three axis acceleration sensor. The sensor will detect the angle of the toothbrush, determining the position of the mouth being used and then will automatically control the vibration speed and direction. The bristles vibrate vertically on periodontal pockets so that the bristles reach deep into the pockets while they vibrate horizontally on the sides of the teeth. Omron Healthcare used a substrate material that features higher vibration resistance compared with materials for existing electric toothbrushes so as to prevent vibration of the motor from influencing the sensor. The Omron Healthcare is looking currently at the low to mid price market and has priced their products at approximately US$ 84.50. Their new product, the HT-B551 has not been priced yet.

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