Omron HJ-151 Pedometer calculates all the steps taken throughout the day

by deepa

If you have been looking out for a perfect excuse to start your walks then this time there’s no escape. Omron HJ-151 Pedometer – walking style is a great motivational tool to track your steps as you walk your way through the day, and towards greater fitness. You wanna loose kilos or maintain them, improve overall health or get more energy in your daily life, simply strap this nifty pedometer on to your belt and head out. I’m sure you know that at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day. What’s better is that the HJ-151 pedometer separately displays the steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace. It also calculates calories burned and the distance traveled. Information for up to seven days can be saved letting you review a full week of exercise.

The HJ-151 is powered by a replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) that will last approximately one year when used for walking 10,000 steps a day. From September onwards you will find this on the shelves for approximately 2,480 Yen ($22) only.
Via – Gizmodiva