Omron Healthcare to introduce two sleep monitors

by Gareth Mankoo

Omron Healthcare have introduced the Omron Sleepmeter HSL-101 and the Omron Sleep Time Meter HSL-001. The HSL 101 is a sleep monitoring system that analysis the state of the person sleeping. The user puts it into action by pressing a button and the device directly records the time from when the person is asleep, excluding the time he rolls on bed for. It doesn’t need to be in contact with the person’s body. Additionally, it also detects motion of the person’s body and the restless twists and turns that are almost characteristic. Next is the HSL 001, which on the other hand is all but timer that measures the time, taken to fall asleep and the time spent sleeping.

There’s no price on either of these. The Omron Sleepmeter HSL-101 will be available on May 10th while the Omron Sleep Time Meter HSL-001 will come by April 10th, this year.