Omron Medi Clean HT-B601 toothbrush charges via USB

by Gareth Mankoo

If there was something like an inexhaustable battery then the world would be glad with the mundane and ordinary vibrating toothbrush. Now the Omron Medi Clean HT-B601 steps in to relieve dental hygiene freaks, letting them charge their toothbrushes via USB. It takes as long as 10 hours to charge for just 30 minutes use, if the translation on the site is anything to go by. For those who do not fancy USB accessories, there is a USB-AC adapter that can be charged from a wall outlet. It comes in a gamut of colorful options just like regular toothbrushes.

The Omron Medi Clean HT-B601 toothbrush will set you back by $7,980 ($85).


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