Omron Healthcare releases HEM-6310F Automated Sphygmomanometer to keep a tab on your Blood Pressure

by sam

Modern lifestyle and busy schedules often mean that we take little to no care when it comes to health issues. But, with modern technology and fancy little gadgets that offer simple solutions, it is now a lot easier to at least monitor your health condition at all times, so that you can make the necessary alterations to your way of life. And Omron Healthcare has come out with another ergonomic and stylish little device that will monitor your blood pressure on demand and using the latest smartphone and tablet technology, will stream that real-time data instantaneously to any part of the world.

The HEM-6310F Automated Sphygmomanometer released by Omron hooks up to your wrist and offers an instant blood pressure and heart condition reading, whenever you need it. Weighing only 80gm and 13mm in thickness, the HEM-6210F is ultra-portable, simple to use and uses NFC technology as well to transfer the data acquired.

You can keep a complete record of your readings on your laptop or a tablet and can access them at any point. Available currently for ¥ 9,980 ($121), you can even opt for the lesser variants such as the HEM-6300F, which cost a fraction less.