Olympus LS-20M: Pocket-cam combing HD Video and Studio-Grade Audio

by daniel

The new Olympus LS-20M set for a June release, brings together HD Video and Studio-Grade Audio to provide for all your personal and professional audio and video recording needs. Equipped with a ¼ inch 5.32 mega pixel CMOS sensor and featuring 4.1mm (16:9 at 49mm, 4:3 at 59mm) auto-focus lens with 4x digital zoom, the LS-20M is capable of capturing and editing 1080p full HD videos. At the same time it is capable of recording 24 bit/96 kHz Linear PCM stereo sound providing better-than-CD quality audio for movies. In addition the camera comes with 2GB SD card and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can can be charged by connecting to a PC using the provided USB cable. However, the camera can handle SDHC cards up to 32GB, which should have been provided by default for such a high quality piece of hardware. A 2-inch color LCD on the front of the device displays the video being shot and a 1.46-inch LCD below it displays time, audio levels and battery life. The device is sized at 135 × 63 × 15.9mm (length × width × thickness) and weighs 154g. The camera will be available for $300 and is an impressive piece of hardware. However, some users maybe not like the lens placement at the top between the two microphones which will have you pointing it like a remote making the whole experience uncomfortable.