Olympus E-420

by yogesh

Olympus E-420 is an update to the E-410 bottom-of-the-line dSLR, and features a built-in wireless flash controller. Although Olympus is harping about E-420’s size, the truth of the matter is that it’s only 0.01 to 0.02 smaller in any dimension than its predecessor, and in fact weighs a couple of ounces more. The LCD size however has moved up from 2.5 inches to 2.7 and the grip a bit larger as well. Specs also include Shadow Adjustment Technology and improved white-balance algorithms. The continuous-shooting speed goes up from three frames per second to 3.5fps

Olympus E-420 will cost between $500 and $700. Along with the E-420, Olympus announced a low-profile 25mm f2.8 lens (equivalent to 50mm in the Four Thirds standards); a kit with that lens will cost $699.99. The body alone will cost $499.99, while a kit with the f3.5-5.6 14-42mm lens (28-84mm equivalent) will be $599.99. All of them are expected to ship in May

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