Olympus Launches World’s First Endoscope with Motorized Rotation System -PowerSpiral

by Dhiram Shah

Olympus announced today that world’s first endoscope with motorized rotation system –PowerSpiral will be launched in Europe and parts of the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong and India, on March 29. PowerSpiral is an endoscopy system designed for diagnosing and treating conditions of the digestive tract. It incorporates the world’s first foot-switch-operated motor that rotates an overtube equipped with spiral-shaped fins positioned on the endoscope. The rotation of the spiral fins supports continuous pleating or folding of the small intestine, with a goal of improving scope maneuverability and shortening procedure times.

Enteroscopies are performed to diagnose and treat problems in the digestive tract such as bleeding, tumors and inflammatory diseases. PowerSpiral uses single-use overtubes attached to the endoscope. The overtube is equipped with spiral-shaped fins and is rotated by a user-controlled motor operated via a foot switch. The spiral-shaped fins gently grip onto the mucosa, supporting the endoscope to advance smoothly and access deep into the small intestine for diagnosis and treatment. High-definition imaging and 3.2mm working channel support high-quality diagnoses and therapy. A high-definition image with sharper image quality helps to provide more efficient diagnosis and therapy.