Olloclip 4-in-1 attachable Lens now available for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5

by Shruti Shree

The amateur photographer in you wants to experiment but gets suppressed because of the limitations of your smartphone camera. Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens for your smartphone will broaden your horizons in photography in a quite literal way! Just clip on the Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens to your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 smartphone and you will be able to take all kinds extraordinary shots, be it the breath-taking panoramic shots, or the mouth-watering food shots, or that scintillating group picture with your friends. This tiny clip on accessory weighs less than an ounce and can fit in almost anywhere, in your purse or pouch or you jeans pocket! As you can see in the picture below there are only two lenses. But actually there are four, two macro effect lenses – 10x and 15x, a wide eye lens, and a fish eye lens. You can access the macro lenses just by unscrewing the fish eye and the wide eye lens. So, just clip on the lens to the right or the left of the smartphone, and you are ready to go. The lenses have been designed with a lot of precision and are made with advanced coated glass, multi-element optics and aircraft-grade anodized aluminium. This nifty, teeny tiny, and easy to attach accessory is compatible with all photo and video apps which is a big plus point.

The Olloclip lens has been hugely popular with iPhone users, ever since it was launched more than 3 years ago. Why the company took it so long to launch it for Android devices, is a question only they can answer. But, we are happy that we can now use this awesome accessory to explore our artistic side, better than ever. The lens is available for pre order from the Olloclip official website from mid-September and is priced at $69.99 for both Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.

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