Old Apple iMac G3 recycled into full-fledged aquariums

by Gavril Mankoo

There are indeed several better ways to put to use a retired shell of an iMac instead of having it tossed away at an electrical-waste site. Take Jake Harms’ DIY kit for one. This development by the designer helps you turn your old G3 Apple iMac into a full-fledged aquarium. Sporting a tank (that rests in the hollow of the iMac shell), a light, filter, cords and just about everything you’d need to build a home for a couple of goldfish, the iMac Aquariums project by Harms is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. A pretty addition to an Apple junky’s bedroom, the iMac Aquarium is an innovative way to give retired Apple G3s a new purpose in life.

[Macquarium via Inhabitat]