Oaxis Bento speaker wirelessly amplifies your phone’s music without Bluetooth, NFC

by Gareth Mankoo

This mysterious device has got us all buzzing with excitement. It’s sleek, looks ominous if found in the corner of a room and has all it needs to be a travel companion when you get to know it. Called Oaxis Bento, the contraption is basically a wireless close-contact speaker. It works its magic without Bluetooth or NFC and employs induction instead. All you need to do is play a song on your phone and place it on the little platform atop the device. Your music is enhanced and amplified instantly. The benefit of this system over the usual connection-dependent systems is the fact that it can effectively support the spontaneous switching of phones and music likewise. It comes with an in-built 500 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that can offer up to six hours of non-stop playback music.

The design of the Bento won it the 2014 IF Design Award. The stereo output is something we could live with. The battery takes 3 hours to charge. MakeTheOne.com retails it for a special price of $49.

[Available at – Make The One]

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