Oakley Airwave ski-goggles have an iOS app, Recon MOD display

by Gareth Mankoo

Winter is coming and for the geek it hasn’t been a better time to hit the slopes. Especially if you can show off the Oakley Airwave ski-goggles that totally add the G-factor to sports. The company will offer a companion iOS application with the goggles, much like the Recon Mod display did for Android users about a year ago. The MOD Live display here will offer a right-eye viewing of a perceived 14-inch display, which offers you vital information such as the height, the speed of descent and more. Those who have more bias towards their left eyes may not find this as thrilling. Additionally, the MOD offers GPS for tracking friends, navigation, Bluetooth, a resistant wrist remote and Recon’s Android SDK.

The Airwave will hit Apple stores on the last day of October for a beefy $600. You can get it in black, white or with a fiery colored rendition that will melt the ice before you.