NukAlert Keychain-do we need this?

by Dhiram Shah

“Nostradamus tried to warn you with his predictions and you did not heed to his advice. So now rot in despair as I shoot you with this radiation gun. My new evil device!” How was that for a lame plot of a Sci-fi movie? Too cheesy I guess. But incase you are one of those people who think that your luck is as good as that Russian Spy who was found to have been exposed to radiation. You need to get yourself the NukAlert Keychain. Tough and durable in its metal casing, it is a highly sensitive, fully tested radiation detector that will beep like crazy if you are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. I guess it’s pointless to say that all nuclear technicians, bomb squads etc. must have already invested in it. But incase you want one it comes with a ten year warranty.

The NukAlert Keychain costs $160 each, but incase you order for more than one it works out to $145 each.

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