Nuance Voice Ads on mobiles with Siri like interaction to hit Sweden first

by Shayne Rana

Nuance has been a big name in voice and speech recognition world and especially in the mobile division these days. Their latest advancement has been in the field of mobile advertising. The company teamed up with Millennial Media, Jumptap (set to merge) and Ad Marvel to usher in a new age of interactive advertising for the mobile users called Voice ads back in April. It’s simple really; users will be able to speak to a Voice Ad that would in turn respond with appropriate/programmed answers. A European ad network called Widespace is already in the process of showcasing these voice powered ads. They will debut in two apps for a couple of Swedish media companies: A newspaper called Expressen and a television programming guide – Tv24.

The ads themselves, although not too much revealed yet, could be on the similar lines as Apple’s Siri – ask a question, get an answer off the web voiced back to you. These will of course be brand specific so it’s not like you can ask the ad what time of day it is and expect an answer, unless of course it was one for a watch company. Nuance’s cloud based language servers would either provide the answers verbally or via Text after the query has been properly interpreted. To make the ads feel more related to the brand, Nuance is encouraging the companies to use the voice talents of the companies own spokespersons.

This new age in mobile advertising has the potential to catch on as long as Voice Ads don’t interrupt your gameplay, video streaming or web browsing with incessant verbal feedback. At least in their current form, mobile ads don’t tend to get in the way of regular app functioning. But for the advertising segment, this form of interactive ads are sure to grab your attention as long as you have a speedy net connection and the Nuances servers are not facing any issues. No one wants to wait for answers to simple questions, especially if it’s for an ad. The advertising industry is growing rapidly in the mobile space and needs to keep up with today’s tech advancements and Nuance seems to have found one sure-fire way to do it.

[Via – Gigaom]

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