NSA gives tips on how to secure your Mac

by ruchi

If you have been looking out for new ways to fortify your beloved Mac machine from malware scares, NSA’s recent publication by the name “Hardening tips for OS X Snow Leopard” will definitely lend a helping hand here. This dedicated list of simple steps doesn’t exactly guarantee that your Mac is completely guarded against all threats but it will definitely do more than just keeping those malware merchants on their toes. The document is a good compilation of old-fashioned common sense and little over-the-top tips. Some include stuff like Mac’s software up-to-date, disabling automatic login, unchecking Safari’s “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” preference and Bluetooth and Airport. Since the Trojan horse attacks are fast becoming pandemic, these 10 NSA-sanctioned tips will reduce the possibility of your Mac being victimized by one.
[Cult Of Mac]

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