NSA develops secure Android phones for top-secret calls

by ruchi

iOS gadgets like iPad might have made it to cockpit and classrooms but Android gadgets are no less. Recent news tells us that NSA has built an ultra-secure Android phone built using off-the-shelf kit that allows US Government staff to discuss confidential stuff. As much as 100 such handsets will be developed and dished out to government staff. The phone adheres to NSA’s tough information security rules but would still be cheap and easy-to-use.

SA’s 40 year-old Information Assurance Directorate has designed these handsets and executives say that no one can reproduce the phone using specifications published online today because it uses off-the-shelf components. This phone is a part of the NSA Mobility Program which seeks to d design all communications technologies used for classified discussions from commercial off-the-shelf components.
[Via SC Magazine]