NOx Pollutants Neutralized by Self-Cleaning Road Material

by iona

Research by scientific bods at the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has resulted in the development of a self-cleaning, air-purifying road surface. So far, tests have shown that road surfaces coated with the material can reduce harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) levels in the air by between 25% and 45%. The eco-friendly material is a kind of titanium dioxide-based concrete, which, catalyzed by sunlight, absorbs and neutralizes NOx pollutants released by car exhausts into the air. When it rains, these are simply rinsed away, will no ill side-effects. The concrete breaks down algae and dirt, so it always looks clean. It can also be mixed with open asphalt, for areas where pure concrete is unsuitable.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, the material is still only in the research phase and will probably require long-term testing before it goes on sale. Plus, when it does become available, it is likely to be 50% more expensive than regular road materials.