Now choose travelling using waterways with CAT Aqua Car

by Gareth Mankoo

Travelling by the rail or the road can have its own painful delays that are ever effective in bringing one’s plans to a standstill. That’s when you go in for something as versatile as the CAT Aqua Car. It’s a new means of using the city’s waterways and saving time, loads of it, from getting to your destination, dry as a lizard and quick as a swift. The vehicle is a concept by Cal Craven. The developer believes that this vehicle would work as a cab, porting people from one place to another. It may soon be a part of regular travel, should the world buy into the lifestyle that Venice has embraced from times immemorial.

This may just be the best vehicle of the future, since flying cars never really made it and we’re already in the middle of 2011. Would you believe it?

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