Now bus travel in Japan within your own personal luxury cocoons

by Shalu Pillai

I’m a bus-sick person. Put me on a ship, plane, car for hours – I’ll live, but on a bus, I shrivel up! Of course it could be a different story if I travelled in one of these Japan luxury buses, which could put any other form of first-class travel to shame. With their extreme luxury seat modules that they call cocoons, the Willer Express, runs from Osaka to Tokyo, only seats twelve people. Like in air travel, each of those 12, travels like a king with their own personal relaxation pod, a seat that reclines 140 degrees, a personal entertainment system, free Wifi, dedicated power outlets, and high partitions to separate you from your annoying fellow passengers.

A six or seven hour trip can set you back by $130 (one way), and you are saved from the perils of security screening. However, traffic could still be an issue, but then why would you complain when you’re seated in the lap of luxury.

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