Now a shirt that curbs BO and leaves you smelling sweet

by Shalu Pillai

Here’s a bit of a relief, for all those looking to combat that little BO- issue you may have. A Japanese company has now launched the Otoko Kaoru shirt, which comes with built-in pleasant scent. The shirt apparently can release scent capsules as it rubs against your skin, overthrowing any vile smell your body produces. The shirt is expected to last up to 10 washes. At 3000 yen ($35), I think its money well-spent. If there is a hot date in the scene, I think that’s an investment well made. The company also plans to launch a polo and pajama versions.

This could actually mean the end of BO. However, on the flip-side (presumably a temporary one), this could mean no more individual scents. Wonder if that will go down well with the police authorities.