Now you can configure an Acura using Twitter

by Shruti Shree

Many of us have configured a car on the hit game – Need for Speed and have even used car configurators online to buy a car. So, people who have configured a car on Twitter, please raise your hands! How many are there? No one? What are we talking about?

If you haven’t done so, now you can do it. Twitter has launched a unique and innovative feature which will enable you to configure the TLX model of an Acura car, right inside Twitter. You can customize your car by choosing the engine model, color, exterior and interior accessories, and see the summary of your order and price details. The feature will allow you to send your customized car’s image to your followers. What’s more, you can even use the feature on your Twitter Mobile App.

Few months ago, Twitter had taken a step up in the social commerce sector with the launch of “Buy Now” button which grabbed a lot of eyeballs. With Twitter being the second most popular social networking site, will more car companies join the bandwagon of configuring their car on Twitter. Will this become a hot new trend? We will come to know in a few days.

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