Norwegian prison goes Eco Friendly, uses “Human Ecology”

by Dhiram Shah

This probably the first time a prison has got the distinction of being an eco-friendly place. The minimum-security Bastoey Prison in Norweigh is a lockup on a lush island and an ecological prison. The prison boasts of solar panels, wood-fire heating instead of oil, strict recycling and eco-friendly food production. This 10-year project has been developed to instill values such as respecting the environment and others among the 115 inmates. “Our job is to create the best possible development opportunities for the individual, and lay the foundation for possible changes,” said prison director Oeyvind Alnaes. The inmates include the likes of murderers and rapists but the inmates have to tend to 200 chickens, eight horses, 40 sheep and 20 cows. They also look after the fields; pick berries and fish on the prison’s 30-foot boat. This green unit’s agricultural products are raised without artificial chemicals, such as insecticides or man-made fertilizers, and with humane treatment of livestock. They also try to be an energy self-sufficient unit by using renewable power.

The island is about 1 1/2 miles from the mainland, but that’s not what keeps inmates in. What keeps them there is the fear of being sent to a maximum security facility that ultimately spells doom.

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