Norwegian boy uses World of Warcraft techniques to save sister

by Shalu Pillai

Here’s 12-year-old Hans Jorgen Olsen, a Norwegian boy who bravely saved his sisters life with “skills” he learned from playing World of Warcraft. And that’s a true story. While out playing in the woods recently, Olsen and his sister found themselves stranded in a moose territory. To protect his sister, he used the “taunt” tactic to shift the moose’s attention from his sister to him, letting her to escape. Then he feigned death, just like a level 30 World of Warcraft avatar, to mislead the moose, who left him and moved away. Olsen then ran home to safety.

We all know ‘what should be done’, but it takes a 12-year old to recollect them tactics from his game and use it! It’s all the fast MMORPG thinking, so Kudos to Olsen!