NoPoPo is a pee powered battery

by mohsin

The last thing you would expect in a winter wedding is that your camera batteries drain out; buying spares is not the best option. Well if you were to use an AA battery from NoPoPo you are in luck and it’s even better if you have to visit the john. The NoPoPo batteries are designed to recharge with a few drops of water or even urine, by injecting it into the battery chamber with a pipette. A mixture of magnesium and carbon reacts with the liquid and produces power up to 500 mAh in the case of an AA-size battery.

The NoPoPo batteries cost $15 a pair and come in AA and AAA packing and retain their charge for up to 10 years. They can be recharged only 2-5 times, which hints that it may be marketed as a disposable battery.

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