NoPE release new Vista crack and is best to date

by Dhiram Shah

Vista sales are going brisk, with 40 million licenses in just 100 days it is also the fastest selling operating system till date. Cracking Vista is not easy either as the bright minds at Redmond have made it pretty secure making it difficult for the average hacker to get around. However a group called ‘NoPE’ has developed a crack which has a major key difference to other previous pirated copies of Vista. It is an out of the box crack as the product appears activated, updates work, and no key needs to be installed. In fact the installation is simpler than previous leaked copies of Windows XP which required a serial.

Maybe hackers managed to replace the Vista image on the DVD, with the pre-cracked version. Its again upto Microsoft to come up with new anti piracy measures, coupled with Windows Update to counter this new threat.


  1. PWNT:)


  2. LAWLZ

    anybody knows where I can get it?
    lol jk 🙂

  3. AsZouX

    Greate work of the NoPE team , this is great because microsoft was presuming the “great” security of this operating system but the realty is other; this are the most bad operating system of the history of the computer science.
    Regards to all

  4. Scott

    I LOVE IT. MS is too greedy. They deserve every bit of this!! And dont let the number of sales fool you, they are actually very low compared to the number of PC’s sold. Its all propaganda!

  5. DreamMeng

    Anybody knows how to get it?

  6. Robert

    I like to get this windows vista how do i get it and from what web site

  7. abi.screwedup

    how can i get acopy of vista – the one mentioned above.

  8. marc

    I just wanted to comment on AsZouX. I think you were trying to say(I won’t comment on the first part), “This is the worst operating system in computer science history”… which would still be wrong, just like you! Has everyone turned retarded or dumped their long term memory??? Does anyone remember “ME”? Now that was piece of bologna. Anyways, I tested Ultimate and it sucked… It made my computer run extremely slow. (Duo core pentium processor, 2gb of ram, 160 gb at 7600rpm). Tried Home Basic and I didn’t get the full functionality. Overall I was turned off.
    Then work made me test Vista Business. I wasn’t looking forward to it. Well, I have to go bang my head on the poster I made for what I am about to write; I am honestly liking it… alot. From an administrator point of view, I rate it a 7. The annoying security pop up(yeah I can turn it off, What’s the point? Might as well run XP!)and having compatibility issues with third party applications. (they are releasing patches for compatibility).
    From an administrator giving it to a user I give it a 9.5. The security of it is really good in a networked environment, and the less time I spend fixing things… the more time I have for testing new things.
    But again its just my opinion.

  9. xrtipc

    how can i get new vista crack?

  10. Arnold

    I confirm, it works!, no serials, no activation nighmares, just simply works. I did installation of x64 version and was awesome getting it fully activated, also working the updates!. The trick should be a kind of BIOS emulation with OEM source, also when starting windows apears a flash screen with a grub loader, so it must be doing something with the primary partition installation.
    Well, good job noPE guys, i love you!

  11. ChuChu

    I hate people who keep slagging off Vista because they are too stupid to install it properly. Idiots that slag Vista off just because they are too cheap to buy better hardware or bother googling for solutions.
    I have built hundreds of various PCs where I work and Vista runs like a dream. Best MS OS but way over-priced! Don’t slag Vista off because you don’t know how to configure it dummy! Slag MS off instead for being greedy oil loving American monopoly!!!

  12. Puna

    Where is the link?

  13. UTGS (푸른햇빛아래)

    I respect YOU~!

  14. pune tang

    I gotta have it! I gotta have it NOW! gimme that crack!
    HA HA HA. Microsoft software BLOWS anyway. Linux is taking over the planet and is making inroads even into the desktop.
    I am off to eat myself (see name) as I am a recursive rugmuncher.

  15. boo hoo

    Before you install the “nope” version of ultimate, make a ghost image of xp with Acronis True Image. Download a free pirated version from a torrent or Hiren’s Boot CD
    I downloaded and installed the illegal “nope” version of windows ultimate. First of all, you can’t do an upgrade, you have to do a full install. After I did a full install, it worked perfectly. It didn’t ask for a serial number and it was already activated. I went to the microsoft site and validated it as genuine windows software!!! This was easier to install than xp!!!
    The only problem is that my scanner does not work with Vista because it’s too old and there’s no Vista drivers for it. And my ATI 9250 video card does not have the proper vista drivers for it either, but it works on the generic windows drivers 🙁
    Rather than spending money on both, I reinstalled my pirated xp with the pirated key, with the ghost image from the pirated Acronis.
    I’m saving pirated Vista Ultimate for my next new pc.

  16. halninekay

    OMG, then buy better HW! 😉
    It´working, and I made an upgrade!
    Runs perfectly on x² 6000+ 4 gig ram and 2 dx 10 ATI HD2900

  17. evil man

    you can find the crack on torrents!!

  18. nickboy

    ive downloaded the NOPE cracked vista,and tried to burn it as an ISO file. but for some reason,its not being recognised as an ISO file?? do i need to rename the file(s) or anything to burn it to dvd? please help.thanks in advance.

  19. NifttLouie

    Hmm, I’ve noticed something funny about this so called 64 bit install. First thing I tried to do was to install the x-force release of 3dsmax 9. When I go to the installation, it does not show the 64 bit installation option. This is autdesk’s way of saying that there is no 64 bit capability on this machine. Is it me or did Nope just hack the activations and change the system display wording to prop the facade of a 64-bit installation, or is my x-force release just bogus.

  20. woolleymammoth

    Anyone know where I can get this?

  21. Ak

    I could successfully install Vista Ultimate. But it hijacked my BIOS. Is there a way to get back original BIOS?

  22. Johnson Piooneer

    Please can somebody just please please please ……please tell this guys that I love them, we love them.
    Where can I get this crack, I must have this crack, I have to have this crack, I am dying to get this crack. I need this crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. JohnRambo

    I heard that the NOPE version actually has a built in and fully encrypted, stealthy VPN tunnel to a Russian BOT-net spyware ring. All these NoPe vista machines are part of the BOT net spreading their junk and stealing your data!!! Be careful!

  24. Ak

    I found that this version is using “Preboot Execution Environment”. But i do not know much about this. Any of you know if this can be used to spy on you.

  25. beni

    wakokokok this DVD copy of NOPE vista is alvailable every where in the philippines…. I tried one… its true that no serial key need and already activated…. for a price of 2.5 USD or 100 pesos in peso….. hahaha

  26. slimeball

    this is great, it takes all kinds doesn’t it. Never bought software, never will. Hats off to nope, russians, yeah it’s a big russian conspiracy, give me a break, gates, the russians, hackers, whatever! Take what you can get!

  27. Psolorious

    These guys rule! “Give free software to the people!”

  28. ConcreteDust3in

    Vista ultimate is great but it has its problems. the ‘vista aero’ themes on the 64bit version of it cause your pc to run propper slow and ive got AMD Quad core 5.4 ghz, 4gb ram and a 1gb radeon 2900hd pro, and you cant install bugger all on it. I use a 32bit version on my 64bit machine and it runs great so if you have any problems i suggest you do this! (32bit is sometimes called ‘x86’)

  29. ConcreteDust3in

    Nickboy, you will mash your computer up if you burn vista to a cd as an iso file, you need to burn it as an image file, then put the cd in the drive and restart your computer, then boot it from cd, then format your hard drives, then install it whilst you are NOT logged on to windows! have fun!

  30. ConcreteDust3in

    Microsoft is toooo greeedy! they ask like £200.00 for vista ultimate! if you dont do pirate, buy it in russia you can get it for about £20.00! any way vista is great but its has problems download Gamermans XP Black 4.0 its quality. its xp with vista themes and upgrades you can even run HALO 2 on it which is only for vista!but you need a strong pc for it. i use it and vista on one drive (partition it then you can have 2 operating systems on 1 hard drive) its soooo coool!

  31. ConcreteDust3in

    chuchu i so agree with you people are soooo dumb all you have to do is go into the bios and set the disk drives as a bootable device it ent hard! people are so dumb!

  32. ConcreteDust3in

    ChuChu i have respect for you. i totally agree all my mates at school say its crap but it ent they just dont know how to install it or use it dumb florida morons! all you have to do is go into the bios and select the cd drive as a bootable device the dumb nobs!

  33. ankush

    from where i can get this crack can anyone kindly tell me…..


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