Nokia’s anonymous swivel phone to be launched with Verizon

by Gareth Mankoo

Nokia has dished out something out of the ordinary. From the first look of it this swiveling phone looks more like a keychain rather than a phone. On a closer look, it appears to be a E-51 kind of phone (QWERTY keypad, etc) that has a swiveling screen with incredibly curved edges. If you’d bet me to guess if this is a Nokia offspring then I’d lose all my money. I have never seen anything of the sort before. But at the end of the day, how much can we speak about when it comes to a first hand impression image of the phone. I want an official shoot of this one and I want it now!

The Nokia swivel phone from Verizon will run on the Symbian Series 40 operating system. This will definitely get Nokia fans thinking.

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