Nokia’s ‘Thanks, Apple’ tweet becomes one of the most retweeted brand tweets in history!

by Gareth Mankoo

Brand wars are all good for public viewing, both, for neutral and fanatic alike. And when it comes to dissing a new Apple device, the stakes are really high. That’s why when Nokia tweeted an intelligent 2-word tweet we realised that it could well kick up a storm. Well, from the Nokia and anti-Apple allegiance, it sure did. The simple tweet, ‘Thanks, #Apple’ was retweeted over 38,000 times! The whole drama unfolded when Nokia UK conveniently thanked Apple for ‘the flattery’. In their exact words, ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’ was tweeted with images of the colorful Nokia Lumia range in visuals. It goes without saying that this is in response to Apple’s new colorful range of smartphones released under the 5S line.

Should we have anticipated a day when such a brilliant gesture would set Twitter counters ticking? Nokia are in fact benefitting on the social media aspect, if not Lumia sales. What next? Bring it on Samsung.

[Via – Businessinsider]