Nokia’s Luna Bluetooth Headset charges wirelessly

by Gareth Mankoo

As Nokia keep flashing around their Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 phones, audiophiles are busy noticing what lies shrouded by this overcast of novelty. Enters, the Nokia Luna Bluetooth wireless headset. Made of two units, a charging pillow and the headset itself, the device manages to charge wirelessly, thus ensuring your music needs are met to the fullest. The headset packs Nokia’s propriety Always Ready technology which powers up, connects to your phone, answers calls automatically and does a lot more.

There’s even style to utility here. We’re talking about red, white, yellow, blue and black colors in the offering. A full charge can enable 8 hours of talk time and 36 hours of standby. For the paranoid ones, Nokia has included a wired charging port too, just in case. Price and availability information are still averted from us.


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