Nokia Shows Us Life in 2015

by Shayne Rana

Nokia is one of those big players in the mobile phone segment that are always looking to the future to help design their devices for the present mobile user. Nokia’s head of corporate strategy, Heikki Norta, very recently talked about what life will be like in teh year 2015 with the new age of touchscreen or interactive technology. In the new age of technology to come devices would be designed to work in a combination with other devices and services to simplify life as it would be by then. Given the fact that in the future devices will obviously be provisioned to handle much more data at a quicker pace their working in sync would be a much easier task.

Of course the technology showcased in their animated video of Life in 2015 appears to be a little ‘ahead of its time’. It does howver give current users an idea of what’s to come. We may be a long ways from seeing this level of service integration but we should expect it’s coming nevertheless.