Nokia N97 NAM is due to arrive on June 2nd

by Gareth Mankoo

Rejoice and be glad, the N97’s coming home and that too, in just a couple of weeks. It is expected to reach distributors in North America by the 2nd of June. This comes as a huge surprise for those who took this as just another rumor. Nokia have shown that they do have the compassion to ‘share their stuff’ far west. After the roaring success of the N90+ series phones in the Eastern regions, Nokia are quite sure that the N97 will have some greedy hands to grab one of their most hyped up recent offerings.

The N97 NAM is expected to be shipped on the June 2nd and is likely to retail for $699. Though there is a chance that it may be available for a lesser price, we cannot bank on these promises for now.

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