Nokia N95 / N83 Spy Shots

by Dhiram Shah

Last month Nokia had officially announced the N93, N72 and N73 and now the upcoming N83 / N95 has been spotted. The phone has dual sliders, slide the front up for access to the numeric keypad and sliding the front down reveals the media control keypad. If the Nokia N93 specs impressed you than the N95 will blow you away it looks as if Nokia has got a high-end Japanese phone and put its branding on it. The smartphone will run on Series 60 3rd edition and feature a 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus, flash, mechanical shutter and a VGA cam for video conferencing. The N95 includes a 4GB hard drive and a Micro SD card slot for memory expansion. It can record movies in DVD quality like the N93.
UpdateNokia N95 more details
Nokia N95 officially announced
Nokia N95 Review

– Series 60 3rd Edition
– Large (at least 2.5-inch) 352*416pixels 16 million colour display
– Bluetooth 2.0
– MicroSD slot
– MP3 / ACC media playback
– FM radio with Visual Radio
– Featuring 5(!) megapixel shooter with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, mechanical shutter, and integrated flash and a VGA cam in front for videocalls
– GSM850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA
– 802.11b/g for VOIP-calls
– 4GB Hard Disk
– Minijack(!) 3.5mm
– New nokia-style media control panel
The Nokia N83 / N95 is scheduled to release in First Quarter 2007.
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  1. S.Das

    Nokia N95 seems to be very very smart & handy phone.

  2. Bob Tluanga

    Excellence, very good what else we say

  3. Babaz

    woow!!! Nokia rules

  4. Piyush

    Nokia N95 when launched would take the Top end of the mobile segment to a new level. looks like an excellent cell waiting for its launch.

  5. SAIF


  6. Anonymous

    4GB Hard Disk? I don’t think so…

  7. handset_master

    no way on the 4 GB… the Nokia website even says it has ~160 MB internal with 2 GB external card upgrade possible.

  8. A

    The 4gb and 8gb comes with N91 not N95

  9. prakash

    5 mp, and 4 gb, i can’t belive it..

  10. sameer

    It is not computable to any other

  11. odelbaruela

    i cant say anything,just wow what a cellphone is that.i save my wages to buy that cellphone.wow

  12. steven

    n95 is greatest phone i had seen…..so good…i must buy it

  13. anas khan

    its simply the best that is a short cut of movie cam,computer,internet,x box in ur hand.

  14. Leonard

    Cant wait to have and boost it. Wonder about its business functions . !

  15. amit kumar

    i just wan 2 get N95, bcoz of its smart look and best features.

  16. witchdocto

    wat da diffrent,, n83 & n95?? it’s luk de same..
    any1 tell me?

  17. witchdocto

    so sorry,, in my country they name it,, n83,

  18. naweed

    well…we wil jus hav 2 see can nokia keep their promises!!!

  19. john

    i checked the N93 and it is more impessive than the N95. The N93 appears to have 8GB while the N93 has 4GB. Are you guys downgrading the phone or what is it?

  20. Rakesh khemani

    I want to launch date of n 95 and approx price of n95

  21. Jude Jaraba

    Just want to know the price of n95, i think i love it. Also want to know the availability of that phone here in our country ( Philippines ). More power to Nokia!!!!

  22. Jude Jaraba

    I already have d n90, n91, n93 but now n95 i like it, i want to have that also…

  23. MG

    It Kicks Ass

  24. Armand

    everyone is saying the same thing but no specs.

  25. Armand

    the nokia n95 will be out around february or early march so be prepaired it will eat up all other devices ,, im just happy i didnt get the e61 for x-mas ,,, good luck u guys!!1

  26. Slim Sodi Singh

    Is there gonna be any end 2nokia models. I jus got the N73 and the N80 and now this a 5megapixel god…..

  27. razvan

    the nokia n95 is the same with n83!i will buy a nokia n95 for x-mas just for me:D:D:D:D:D……

  28. armand

    haha very funny i will get one in febuary ,,so dont be like that ,,why ,,is the nokia n95 or n83 out in ur place for x-mas?

  29. Dave

    I just bought the N93 and it does NOT have 4GB or 8GB internal HD. Just saw N95 and waiting to buy. Will be out in 56 days…

  30. Steve

    Maybe this is gonna be my coolest cellphone that I ever have (if it comes out already).
    Coz for me N90 is cool already.. then I’m planning to buy N80, but when I know Nokia gonna make the N95.. I think I’m gonna wait for this want.
    Nokia always connecting people.. LoL.
    Anybody know how much its gonna cost?

  31. pipzs

    thank god to the technology today. save sum cash, will get it sooner or later! shit!!

  32. armand

    The Nokia n95 will cost about 550 Euro without any add-ons for the retail shop but unklocked
    and if i counted well about 750$ ,,,too bad nokia doesnt tell us step by step on the n95 because some sites lie they say it has 4 gb but so sorry it doesnt (i would love it even more if that were true) dvd-video is great

  33. armand

    what is visual radio? does anyone know? and does anyone know where clear quality pic of the n95 is is so tell me ok…..

  34. melchisedech

    will it be that long that i have to wait? how much will it cost me?

  35. armand

    nokia has a new model called n97 with 20gb but i dont think it really is 20gb cause i heared and saw lies stating nokia n95 has 4gb but its only 160mb ..well thats enough

  36. armand

    question to dave . where are u where its only 56 days before n95 comes out cause isnt it out like a few places in the world already?

  37. //||$JockerPro$||\\

    Dudes who knows the prices on N95?????

  38. james p florez

    i think this phone its the best thing ever happen.

  39. majj

    is it a dual camera phone???

  40. Jag

    Of coz….Then how will U make a Video call????
    Its internal memory will appear as removeble Drive in Pc.

  41. king_xu06

    i juz found out that there comes the bombshell among all NokiA and phones and that is N95… I juz cant imagine how great it would be for those people who could have this unit… It juz you are carrying an extraordinary digital camera, a phone a pda…so what else would challenge this phone…huhuhuh… i juz wish that this phone would come out this month but sad to say that it takes 50 days before it comes out,,,weeeewwwww…i juz cant wait…

  42. Fino

    the price on this handset will be in excess of R7500.00 incl of VAT. this handset will only be launched in this country ( RSA ) February 2007. one word of advice. never purchase a new handset when it is just launched. always purchase a month and a half later. new batch of phones always have technical and software glitches.

  43. Horus

    Still cant find detailed comparisons between N95 & other N series phones. When to expect N95 n egypt & 4 how much?

  44. Armand

    fino is right It will probably have software and hardware problems so beaware ,, but if it’s so go as nokia says then i want it now ,, ps: im in ireland and mobile city (a private comp)said they already have them for 620 euros ,,now that is a good x-mas present

  45. Nutcase

    How does the GPS work? Is it subscription based? Would it work in North America?

  46. Murtuza

    Looks great but just hope it dosent have any software issues orelse i’ll waste my money on it…

  47. Curious

    How much does it cost?

  48. fat joe

    beautiful fone… i wish i had three…. my mommy tpld me she’l buy me one..

  49. ericsibal

    Nokia N95 costs U$800.00

  50. Manish Patel

    Hi, Guys DOES ANYONE in here Has NOKIA n-95 rightnow?? BECause I am trying to Purchase it but i don’t know from where?? So can you please gET BACK TO ME WITH THE ANSWER PLEASE?? THANKS EVERYONE

  51. peter c

    dus ne1 know tha price of the n95 plz let me know
    n wen is it out in the uk?

  52. phenon

    The N95 is going to be amazing! If your going to get one check out the N95 forums n95users.com/forum

  53. george

    Oh my god!!! that a god of phones…..when does it reach at Malaysia??? darn….i cant wait to own it…

  54. jurie

    There is many photos & Spec’s available on this N95 phone – Why don’t nokia answer any of these question like – when will it be in South Africa ect.? everybody is talking but don’t see anything!
    When will Cell C, MTN, Vodacom have this phone available.

  55. o0Elton0o

    Can someone tell me What’s the difference between nokia (N83 and N95)?

  56. o0Elton0o

    Is there even N83 lol because i saw a picture that looks like N95 But it said N83 Please Tell me

  57. Ivan

    What’s the price for n95?

  58. pepeng co

    how to use GPS in N95

  59. bill_collector

    wat … 800$ … betta get a laptop instead … now u can get 1 wit 13.3″ 4 less than 1000$ …

  60. F4ll3n_4ng3l_69

    i love The look of the N95
    im trully in love. but no one in (south africa)
    can tell me any thing about this phone X-|
    its quite irritating. cuz i really really really!!! want that phone!!!

  61. praneeth

    I am crazy about N95. Really sexy look. no words to say about 5megapix cam.

  62. chernee

    does anyone now when N95 will be released here in the Philippines? I’m so excited to have it!

  63. Elias Yassin

    Waw i saw & tuched nokia N95 it is nice easy & nice looking than the N93. i cheked the internal memory. it is about 190MB. i am amezed to see a 5megapixel camera Phone. keep it up Nokia

  64. Mukhles

    I think that Nokia 95 is really a sophiscated and lovely cell set.I am very much intersted to buy this set immediately.Pls tell me the price urgently.I want to buy the black or platinum plated color(with all standard accessoris).Should be Made in Finland.

  65. muhammad azeem

    is it n95 & n83 the same?

  66. hmss

    i think they should have added the rams to n95 so it would not display the message as memory full etc. any way looks nice and it feels good

  67. eloi hizon

    looks like everyone is excited about n95. i hope someone could make a review of it and provide us the downsides. we all know it’s the god of all phones now. so, let’s get to what it doesn’t have and see if the good stuff still outweighs it. here in the philippines, it is around 40 to 45k pesos so it better be worth the money. anyone knows where can i read a review?

  68. julian

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