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by Dhiram Shah

A few months back we had posted spy shots of the upcoming Nokia N95 multimedia phone. Nokia is expected to officially announce this super phone today along with other phones including Nokia N75, Nokia N91 8 GB Edition and Nokia N73 Music Edition. The new N91 8 GB edition will have the same functionality as its predecessor but it will come with a 8 GB hard drive to take on the new iPod Nano. Coming back to the N95 it will be Nokia’s first HSDPA (3.5G) device and with Wi-Fi, WCDMA, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth (including A2DP), IrDA, GPS and USB 2.0 it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to connectivity. It sports a 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens with support for video recording in DVD quality and a VGA res camera for video conferencing. The N95 has 150 MB internal memory which can be expanded via Micro SD card as with majority of phones it lays emphasis on music playback and comes with dedicated music playback keys on the front flip. The onboard stereo speakers provide a decent output if not satisfied then you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth A2DP to compatible speakers.
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UpdateNokia N95 is official
Nokia N95 Review

You can view images and movies shot on the QVGA display or on the big screen using TV-out. The Nokia N95’s GPS has an anticipated accuracy of around 10m (satellite signal permitting). The device will ship with an application called Maps which has global overview maps built in. More detailed can be downloaded free of cost however navigation functionality (with voice and on screen prompts) will be available as a pay-for add on. The Nokia N95 will be available in Q1 2007 for €550 around $700.
It might hit Cingular very soon it seems.


  1. GoldenBoy

    Finally… i went from 3310 to colr screen phone, then to camera phone, then to pda phone, then to mega pixel phone… now i have a N71 and i wanted to buy the N93 like my dad cause the only thing missing was a dvd quality recording, which was already better than my previous 6680, but i love the fact to be able to filp open my N71 and put it on a table and record long minutes of video (when you have a party and many friend do that you really can make a nice video souvenir!). anyway i saw the N93 with a tripod… nice, could we now integrate a small foldable metalic tripod to that phone??? Did you ever think about that Nokia?? holding a phone all the time is boring :). please do contact me if you want more specification about my idea… 😉

  2. Hidayet Karagöz

    where to buy by retail the nokia n 95
    and to send germany.

  3. Lorraine

    Where can I purchase Nokia N95 I am from South Africa and will it work here

  4. lara

    I live in South Africa Johannesburg and would like to know where i can purchase the N95

  5. Jurie

    When will the N95 be in South Africa – With What type of package deal at Vodacom will you receive this phone?

  6. Shakkeeb

    its relly amazing …..the new n series of nokia is just on thrilling….i would hope it would be of great of great success…..though i had decided to buy it…

  7. hog

    Phones cool, but very pricee

  8. zeLihm

    How much is it now? Of course, i am asking for the brand new.

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