Nokia N95 is official

by Dhiram Shah

At the Nokia Open Studio 2006 in New York yesterday the N95 was officially announced. The specifications and features remain the same as we had pointed out yesterday. Here is a recap of the specs in case you missed them – The Nokia N95 will the company’s most advanced and feature packed phone till date and will sport many firsts for Nokia like the 5 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss optics and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) which puts WCMA to the shame by offering data speeds of 1-2 Mbps which can scaled all the way to 10 Mbps. You can put up your PMP on Ebay if you are planning for the N95 as it comes with a 2.6″ QVGA LCD with support for 16 million colors. Gaming will be fun with impressive 3D graphics and you wont runs out of games as there are plenty available for the Series 60 platform. The innovative 2-way slide concept makes it easy to switch between different modes, going from reading maps to watching a video with a simple slide. A numeric keypad slides out from one end of the device while dedicated media keys slide out from the opposite direction, converting the display into full screen landscape mode.

Besides HSDPA, Nokia N95 features all other current connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE, quad-band GSM, stereo Bluetooth, Infrared and USB 2.0 plus a TV-out port. The built in stereo speakers are good enough but you can always hook your headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack. the N95 has 160 MB of embedded memory and can accommodate up to 2GB of additional memory via the Micro SD card slot. Pricing and availability remains the same start saving now as the Nokia N95 will be available in Q1 of 2007 for 550 Euros ($ 700)
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  1. Ambrose

    Is the nokia n95 has a 4gb hard drive like the nokia n91?if yes,i will not going to buy it because my previous n91 seem to have many problem with the hard drive n hav 2 send 2 repair almost 3 time.at last i sold it and bought n71…im kindly looking forward a reply.thanx….

  2. Edward James

    The nokia N95 is so great it is very compact design I like it….

  3. Dr.Rawlin

    Just waiting to buy this new phone.

  4. Ryan

    When is the n95 going to be released worlwide?

  5. Finney

    Ambrose: yes, it has a 4GB hard drive. Yet, maybe you just got a lemon the first time.
    Ryan: Spring.


    if it is coming with 4GB hard drive… i will buy it. cuz i think it would be more improven then NOKIA N91
    i m still using using,
    it have its hard drive prb!
    but i like the style of N95
    if it is coming with hard drive or not i will surely buy it…!!!!!

  7. tesh

    is this touch screen ?

  8. katie

    when Nokia N95 will put up in market for sell?and how much does it cost?
    thank you,

  9. vinn

    hi there wonder when will the n95 be available and how much does it cost and, how would i buy it

  10. melvi

    when will it be launched in south africa

  11. Jesper Olsan

    This phone is way too cool….i hope that the Nokia Company will continue to release more of new Nokia’s phone…..especially right….since the youth/teenagers use a lot of gadgets…..im waiting for the Nokia to release cool mobile phone…more advance……

  12. angelic castro

    when thus a nokia n95 will be released in the philippines? ang how much wil it cost? thank you

  13. aysha

    where can i buy nokia N95 in asia n what is the cost of it?
    waiting for a reply

  14. Kunke

    have been waiting for this phone. hope it’ll be available in naija. i’ll buy it if the price is not prohibitive.

  15. Glaster

    when will it be released?

  16. ethan

    hi, just want to ask since its already 5MP, does N95 comes with a built-in camera flash? when is the release of N95 in the Philippines? i will appreciate very much your soonest reply.

  17. Ronnie Ho Hip

    This phone doesn’t have a Hard Drive! It takes a Micro SD card(Flash) and has 160MB of embedded memmory!
    Why do people think it has a Hard Drive?

  18. Ronnie Ho Hip

    Yes it has a Flash for the camera , how can it not? And everything about the phone is written on top you can read it ,all your questions will be answered.

  19. Sincere

    Yes I too would like to know when will the n95 be available here it keeps getting put back and I as well as others would like to know why?????? can someone please give us the answer

  20. malcolm dow

    i got the nokia n95 and i must say its amazin!!!

  21. bulacan

    Guys this N95 is so much cool and its way beyond you can imagine what this phone can do. it has a 8 gb in hard drive. flash on its camera, internet is so fast wonloading, GPRS is so good you all should have this cool NOKIA N95 better than ever..

  22. majid badie

    i want a N95

  23. loren

    i want n95….how much is the cost?

  24. james

    i buy my brand new Nokia N95 for just $350usd for more details contact :[email protected]
    they are the best in world fast delivery and honest with their costumers

  25. Angel

    Is it N95 was great??
    thanks for d opinion

  26. McGrew

    Does this phone have a reset button ?

  27. Kapil

    This Phone is the greatest phone I ever had.
    It takes crystal clear photos. WOW Its superb.

  28. cath

    how much is the cost of n95 now?…im thinking twice which unit i will buy if n95 or n93i…ill w8 for ur reply…tnx…

  29. pudz

    how much this N95 is?

  30. sumit

    hey whats the cost of N95. tell me i want to buy it

  31. kibs

    How much?

  32. sahar

    how much is the hard of N95?

  33. farhan

    nokia N95 is very very sexy heandset.and this is most beautiful with highly memory card.

  34. khellei

    we have a fake n95..ryt?

  35. pretty

    i just want to know if n95 is really nice??

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