Nokia N73 and more to be unveiled tommorow

by Dhiram Shah

Reuters is reporting that Nokia will release new N series phones in Berlin tommorow. Among the new phones will be the already leaked Nokia N73 and maybe the Nokia N93 also. Nokia is still the market leader, but it’s closest rivals Samsung and Motorola are fast catching up with attractive and slim designs. Nokia’s biggest revenue generating handset was the N70, but analysts say N70 sales are dwarfed by Motorola’s slim RAZR phone. The Nokia 6131 launched in February at 3GSM show measurung just 20 millimeters is Nokia’s answer to the RAZR which is 14mm thick.

“With the current N-series models, we’ve done some back-to-back tests with models from competing vendors. Nokia’s size, weight, bulk is significantly bigger, while the key features such as the camera match up,” said one source at a large telecoms operators who declined to be named.
Via – Reuters

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