Nokia and Lamborghini limited edition 8800 Sirocco phone

by Dhiram Shah

Nokia is keeping the 8800 craze alive starting with the 8800 Aston Martin edition then the 8800 Sirocco Diamond edition and now it has teamed up with the Italian dream car maker Lamborghini for the limited edition 8800 Sirocco phone. The specs remain the same except for a few cosmetic changes like the Lamborghini made ball bearings for the sliding mechanism. The legendary Lamborghini logo is laser etched on the front and on the stainless steel casing along with the serial number as only 500 pieces will be made. There will also be special Lamborghini ringtones and themes along with a video documentary forcing you to rob a bank to get hold of a Murciélago.

Coming to the specs it has a 62,144 colour TFT display protected by scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass, 2 Megapixel camera, 120 MB internal memory, Bluetooth, EDGE and E-mail client. However you cant still fancy this phone as it is reserved exclusively for Lamborghini customers.
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  1. Nokia 8800 Sirocco Lamborghini Edition has Awesome Bearings

    Please make the Nokia 8800 madness stop! This is the latest version of the Nokia 8800 shiny slider phone. This time it comes in special edition Lamborghini style. The specs for this limited edition 8800 are the same as all…

  2. nimesha

    i’ve spent a big sum of money to buy Nokia 8800 but it only have 64MB memory, also not expandable. so nothing to talk about this any more, it’s worse than N70, my best friend’s one. it has 2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with 20x digital zoom, Nokia 1GB MMCmobile Card MU-13. i’ve used my 8800 for about 325 hours but only the durability. added to that the N70 is low in price than mine.

  3. mahmoud

    I want to buy this mobile, where can I buy it?
    how much does this cost?
    if any bady know how we can buy Lamborghini mobile phone
    plz cantact me . becase i have alote of castoumer for buy it …..
    [email protected]

  4. jen

    this phone has so much on it, im still learnign how to use it.

  5. Z

    I want this phone so bad. If anyone knows who to get one contact me through email asap!

  6. Ismail Philip

    Hallo, i want to buy this New Nokia8800 Siccoro Lamborghini.
    Where i can found it and how much does this cost ?
    Please inform me to:
    [email protected]
    Amman- Jordan.

  7. sergio

    hey, i just want it to know how much is it going to be?

  8. zarrar khan

    this is a pathetic thing u can say its a new way of selling shit!

  9. kenia

    hey guys.. im from jakarta,indonesia.. really want to buy that phone.. please email me ok guys


    How much is this phone does any one knows?

  11. Saaed

    This phones costs $950 USD for people who are wanting to know

  12. BlackParade

    I also wan to buy tis phone….it is cool!


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