Nokia 3720 Classic announced as the ‘toughest’ phone

by Gareth Mankoo

Nokia have pronounced the word ‘tough’ quite rarely in the past, though most of their phones are renowned as ‘indestructibles’. Well, they haven’t done it this time either, though they substitute it for a bolder adjective, ‘rugged’. The Nokia 3720 Classic is out to dare all the other phones in the circuit including the Land Rover phone that we saw sometime back. The phone is said to be ‘leak proof’ with the cover of the battery chamber actually screwed to the body of the phone. I’m really apprehensive to get the first glimpse and review of this phone, and some added strain test results. The other features of the phone include a 1 GB microSD card, 2.2 inch display screen (no news on the toughness of this), LED flashlight and the usual goodies that come with such phones. I hope that there’s a camera that they forgot to mention.

The Nokia 3720 will cost a little over Euro 125 ($174) without taxes. It can be expected sometime this summer.

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