Nokia Lumia 1520 to be possibly priced at $820, details leaked via Chinese partner website

by Shayne Rana

The next Lumia device to come out of the Nokia/MS warehouse is slated to be the 1520 which has, like all the rest, been buzzing around the rumor grapevine for some time now. The latest news is that one of Nokia’s Chinese partners had leaked a little more information about the phone than probably intended. Details of 1520’s pricing and hardware specifications also made it out. This will be Nokia’s first Phablet device that will feature a large 6-inch display (1080p) giving the UI the space for an additional tile column. Nokia has skipped the entire 5 inch segment and jumped straight to the 6 inch display. Is this a good move? Maybe, but the larger handsets also makes portability a problem for some as device like the Galaxy Mega and Xperia Z Ultra are a little too large to be considered a Phablet. This is this probably Nokia’s way of gradually slipping in to the tablet segment.

Some of the other hardware specs we heard about in early September when leaked images of the handset appeared included – a Qualcomm processor and 2GB of RAM to run the Windows Phone OS with the no. 3 update since it brings support for the Snapdragon 800 Chipset. All of this was also revealed on the Chinese website. The 1520 will also feature a 20 MP PureView styled camera with Carl Zeiss lens technology. Like we stated earlier, if the leaked images that made it out at the time depicted the true design of the device, then it’s pretty much as generic as they come and more so since it’s devoid of the rather digicam styled camera portion seen on the 1020 that at least give it a little pizzazz. The newest bit of information that was revealed via the company’s Chinese partner i.e. Tmall store, was a price tag of around $820 (4,999 Yuan). The handset has been codenamed ‘Bandit’ and it will be just a little while longer before all is revealed. Stay Tuned.

[Via – Slashgear]