No tweets allowed from Westminster Abbey

by Shalu Pillai

So, the royal wedding will be a tweet-free zone on Friday morning. Organizers have arranged for a signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey, since it is feared that with 1,900 people inside the church, including royals, celebrities, and members of the general public, there would be a risk of guests using their phones to take pics or send updates on Twitter from the Abbey ahead of the nuptials. It would be rather crude of royal guests to commit faux pas like leaving their phone switched on or being caught messaging, but officials want to be certain that there are no embarrassing mishaps.

Prince William himself will get to the Abbey around 40 minutes before his bride, who will be escorted by her father Michael Middleton. Could you imagine the tweets going out though … from sniggers & comments on your dress, jewellery, hair, flowers… Who needs that on your big day!