No. 5065 foldable scooter rolls out of a vending machine, collapses into your backpack

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s no secret that we’re running out of space. From storage to parking, from the size of lanes on a road to office parking. There’s always a wish for something that is smaller, lighter and a lot more portable. The No. 5065 foldable scooter is designed by Wang Yixing, in collaboration with a number of transportation companies shows us just how possible it is to develop a portable transportation system this is as easy to acquire as it is to drive around. Firstly, it is available off a vending machine. This idea not only emphasizes on how easy it is to obtain sustainable and comfortable travel but also how widespread the idea can be. The scooter folds into the size of a water bottle and can be safely stashed away in your backpack. A single join and telescopic handle makes the collapsing and folding away convenient and easy.

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The accessibility that can be enabled by the No. 5065 and like-minded concepts is seamless. We’re glad that there are more such possible releases in the horizon.

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[Via : Psfk]